Integrity & Quality work since 1975

Back in 1975, I was walking across the campus of what is now Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL and chatting with a friend about the term paper I needed to complete by 9 the next morning. He said, "Just use my computer and get it knocked out!" I told him I'd never used a computer before. He just grinned, handed me the key to his dorm room and said, "You'll get the hang of it." Three hours later, I'd taught myself how to work a Radio Shack TRS-80 (running DOS) and composed and printed my paper. That day began a love affair with computing & learning that has continued until now. I enjoy my work.

From Montgomery, my work brought me to Calhoun and then to Ellijay. I married Lorraine Pack in 1990 and shortly thereafter took out a Yellow Pages ad to promote my business. It was, as far as I know, the first-ever DEDICATED Computer Store in the Gilmer / Fannin area. We moved to Blue Ridge, GA about 1993, built a home and have been here ever since.

Along the path of my 37+ years of work experience, I've successfully helped literally thousands of individuals and small business owners just like you, selling & setting up new systems, rebuilding surge-damaged hardware, cleaning viruses, establishing networks and recovering precious photos, music and documents.

My life is centered around my Savior Jesus Christ, my family and friends. My work ethic centers around making my customers happy. Call or stop by when you get a chance and let's discuss your computing needs. Jim Wright

we are a dell partner with an incredible record!

Yeah, you can buy Dell at the discount store, but what you get is often a stripped-down-for-the- sake-of-price piece of equipment. Of course you can call Dell and buy direct, but what my customers later tell me is that they wound up buying a lot more than they needed, spending more than they wanted to spend. Come see us, get expert advice, get what you need without overspending. And when you have a quick question following the sale, you're talking with someone local, someone who speaks American English with just a touch of "Southern". Oh, the record: we have a 100% success rate in taking care of hardware problems. There haven't been but a handful, but they've all been resolved!

what to expect - NOT this!

We tackle your worst nightmare with unlimited patience and an unequaled attention to detail that you'll appreciate. Everything's done on a professional level.

We want you back up and running as soon as possible! In fact, we pride ourselves on turning our work in 24 hours OR LESS in most cases. That's important, especially when you use your computer to run your business. We look forward to meeting you in person, getting to know something about you and welcoming you to our loyal family of customers.